Dezember 8, 2006 um 5:20 pm | Veröffentlicht in World War IV | Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

You should start to remember, that Baradai, the head of the IAE said, that maybe thirty countries are at the same stage like Irak with the development of nuclear power alias enrichment. Bush fought in Irak because he was convinced to find some WMD´s there. What happened? He found nothing, but in the same time North Korea developed nuclear arms! With every war US would start in the future maybe one country more would become a nuclear power. US lost in Afghanistan, US lost in Irak, Israel did not really succeed in Lebanon but both want that Europa helps them to create some new wars! Turkey becomes a member of Europe in the next year. How should this work when there always is war between the Christian and the Moslem world? After two more years war US will not only think about going home but it will run home because there is no cent left. But then here in Europe we will have a lot of angry Moslems together with people like Stefan Herre and some other “political incorrect” parties. Respect to the American soldiers, their mums and to the American nation – but why should we help anybody to create a World War III or IV?


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